Author: Cross/fade


I don't have much to say this time around. I'm a big fan of Spice and Wolf and there are little to none good AMVs from it.

After I started editing I kind of noticed why .... Spice and Wolf is not a typical romance anime (where the characters trip every 2 meters >.>)and we will not find any hot-blooded action in it
as well. The power of the serie is in the great-duo Lawrence and Horo (no, I will not use Holo) make.

The snappy conversations, some epic dialogs and the tail made me love this title. At the same time those things are hard to catch and show to other people in an AMV (ok, ok - the tail part is easy).
I concentrated on little, everyday things main characters do. Those little moments are like the essence in my eyes of the great relationship development we witness. I mean, drinking
together always bring people closer, right ? :D

Also, maybe you will notice it but I decided to edit the whole thing a bit differently than usually. I decided to use 3-5 short scenes and create some kind of "mini-stories" with those. And that way fill the whole AMV.

Anime: Spice and Wolf (1, 2, OVA)
Musik: Celtic Woman - Spanish Lady

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