Inō-Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de – Promo Video

Auf der offiziellen Website zu Inō-Battle wa Nichijō-kei (Inou Battle Within Everydaylife) wurde nun ein erstes Promo Video veröffentlicht. Bei dem Anime handelt es sich um die Adaption der gleichnamigen Light Novel von Kota Nozomi.


July: Can you swear to God and say that? That unusual powers don’t exist in this world!? That a dark power will never exist in my right arm!?
Text: A battle with the world on the line between people with unusual powers, now…
Text: Is not starting!?
July: There is no need to worry. If things get serious, my dark alternate personality will lend me power.
Tomoyo: I can’t believe you never get tired of this chū-ni (someone lost in their amine-inspired fantasies) stuff, day after day after day!!
Hatoko: Haha, then I guess my second name could be Noritsukkomi (someone who goes along with a joke and then makes a jab at the end) Hatoko, huh?
Sayumi: This has gotten quite intere- …I mean, troubling.
Chifuyu: It’s all right. Andō being weird is just the same old same old.
Text: They have unusual powers, but it’s an everyday life-style anime.
Text: Unusual powers x Everyday life – A new kind of a romantic comedy!
July: Now then, let’s start the beginning of the end!!
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