Charakter Promos fuer Isshūkan Friends

TOHO Animation hat zwei Promo Videos fuer die Charaktere Yūki und Kaori veroeffentlicht. In den jeweiligen Promos fuehren die Charaktere einen Prolog.

Yūki Hase

The memories with her friends get reset after a week. When I first heard that, I just couldn’t understand. The one week I had spent with Fujimiya had completely disappeared. The fun moments, and the moments when we understood each other… I have to create them from square one again. In that case, just one more time… No, as many times as it takes… I’ll start from nothing again with the same words: “Please… be friends with me!”
Kaori Fujimiya

Don’t talk to me anymore. I at least know this for sure: All my memories with you, Hase, they’ll disappear. All right, let’s write a diary! Today was a lot of fun. It was so fun… So fun… It was supposed to be, at least… Talk to me a lot about what happened today tomorrow, OK?
Angesetzt ist der Anime fuer den 7. April

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