Dritte Promo fuer Isshūkan Friends

TOHO Animation hat nun das dritte Promo Video fuer die Anime Adaption von Matcha Hazukis Manga Isshūkan Friends veroeffentlicht. In dem Video wird dann auch der Opening Song “Niji no Kakera”, gesungen von der Schauspielerin Natsumi Kon. Im Video selber kommt es zu folgendem Dialog:

Kaori: Hase… Thank you for everything… For this week, and for last week.
Yūki: Fujimiya. Can I eat lunch here again, too?
Yūki: The memories with her friends get reset after a week. When I first heard that, I just couldn’t understand.
Kaori: I’m not allowed to make friends. Absolutely not.
Kaori: The fun memories will disappear by Monday. All my memories with you, Hase, they’ll disappear.
Shōgo: Well, that means you’re an important existence to Fujimiya, right?
Kaori: Today was a lot of fun. It was so fun… So fun… It was supposed to be, at least…
Shōgo: If you’ve come this far, all you can do is do your best, don’t you think?
Yūki: If you’re OK with me, then still… Please… be friends with me!
Yūki: I will add to the memories of the two.
Kaori: I will circle around the records of the two.
Angesetzt ist der Anime fuer den 7. April.

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