Full Trailer fuer Tamako Love Story

Auf dem AnimeJapan Event wurde nun der komplette Trailer fuer Kyoto Animations FIlm Tamako Love Story veroeffentlicht.


Mochizō: Since the time we were born, we were neighbors across the street. The daughter and son of two different mochi stores. I fell in love with this childhood friend…
Text: Tamako Kitashirakawa
Text: Mochizō Ōji
Text: Tamako Love Story Trailer
Midori: You’re toooootally watching Tamako, aren’t you? …But you’re just looking.
Mochizō: Huh!? I’m not looking that much! And also, I’ll say it to Tamako…
Text: What he wanted to say, but couldn’t.
Text: Something that was so obvious, she didn’t even notice.
Mochizō: Tamako. I, um… I’m going to a college in Tokyo. So before that, I want to tell you my feelings…
Text: Director Naoko Yamada
Text: Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida
Text: Character Designer: Yukiko Horiguchi
Mochizō: I’m really… Really in love with you, Tamako!
Text: Their love is so close, but so far away.
Tamako: I wasn’t able to accept it properly… The baton, and also…
Text: Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
Text: Third-year students in high school
Tamako: I think a lot of things are going to change. I wonder what I should do?
Text: Each on their own path.
Text: Moving ahead one step.
Text: The distance between the two begins to change.
Tamako: Mochizō!
Tamako & Mochizō: Tamako Love Story.
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