Girls und Panzer Film – Promo Video

Für den Girls und Panzer Film hat Badai Visual am heutigen Sonntag ein neues Promo Video veröffentlicht. In dem Video erzählt Mai Fuchigami als ihr Charakter Miho die Geschichte von Girls und Panzer und ein paar Details zum Film.


The traditional sport of girls, “Senshado” (The Way of the Tank.)
Miho: Tanks are a girl’s best friend. It’s a heartful tank story that tells the story of the hot battles of high school girls who have dedicated their life to the art of senshado.
Text: The talked-about anime Girls und Panzer that started the tank boom!
Miho: That’s Girls und Panzer!
Text: The heartful tank story, Girls und Panzer.
Miho: This is the story of me, Miho Nishizumi, and the laughable team filled with newbies who aim for victory at the nationals.
Miho: The television series aired from 2012 to 2013, and was a bit hit after bringing attention through its friendship between high school girls and elaborate tanks.
Text: All six volumes of the TV series are currently on sale on Blu-ray and DVD!
Miho: In 2014, the story of the battle against Anzio High School that couldn’t be told in the TV series is released as an OVA. With its fast tank battles, it gained even more popularity.
Text: 2014, the OVA is released! “This is the Real Battle of Anzio!”
Text: The rare Italy tanks make a big appearance!
Miho: And now, in 2015, a film with a completely new story that tells what happened after the TV series will premiere! New tanks, new rivals, and also new tank battles!
Text: New characters and new tanks appear one after the other!
Miho: The staff from the TV series reunite, and will deliver an exciting with upgraded quality!
Miho: Girls und Panzer The Movie. Look forward to it!
Der Film läuft in den japanischen Kinos am 21. November an.

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