The [email protected] Cinderella Girls – Promo Video

Auf der offiziellen Website von The [email protected] Cinderella Girls wurde am heutigen Sonntag ein neues, längeres Promo Video für die Anime Adaption veröffentlicht. Auf der Website wurde in dem Zug auch noch angekündigt, dass der Anime weltweit von Daisuki gestreamt werden wird. In dem neuen Promo Video gibt es auch den Opening Theme Song “Star!!” von Cindarella Project zu hören.


Text: A fairy tale beginning now…
Uzuki: We were just normal girls.
Text: A girl has obtained a glass slipper.
Mio: We had been living normal lives.
Text: The castle they can see after climbing the stairs.
Rin: Even so, there was a castle waiting for us. 346 (pronounced “Mishiro”) Production.
Mio: A world we’re seeing for the first time!
Text: A new project is beginning.
Rin: A clock that begins to move.
Uzuki: And a story that begins with everyone!
All: That’s the Cinderella Project!!
Anzu: As if I could do work!!
Ranko: Play out the resonance of our souls along with me!
Kirari: Haha! Everyone, nice to be working with ya!
Chieri: Oh… I’m starting to get nervous…
Riina: What I’m aiming to become is a cool and rock idol!
Rika: I’ll show the basics! To! You!
Kanako: These sweets were handmade by me.
Anastasia: Please call me Anya.
Miria: Now we’re all together, huh!?
Miku: Work might increase at any moment, meow!?
Minami: I think out of all the members, I’m a bit of an older sister.
Uzuki: I’m Uzuki Shimamura, and I’ll do my best!
Rin: I’m Rin Shibuya. 15 years old. Nice to be working with you.
Mio: Name’s Mio Honda! First-year in high school! Nice to meet you!
Text: Beyond her goal with her friends is a world filled with hope.
Text: A world that has started to move.
Text: Let’s take the first step!
Nana: Welcome to Mishiro Cafe!
Mika: Oh? Looks like quite the party here.
All: [email protected] Cinderella Girls! We look forward to working with you!
Anlaufen wird die Serie am 9. Januar 2015.

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