The Rolling Girls – Promo Video

Auf der offiziellen Website von Studio Wits Anime The Rolling Girls wurde am heutigen Sonntag ein neues Promo Video für den Anime veröffentlicht.


Woman: The ones who picked a fight with Higashimurayama were you Tokorozawa guys, am I right?
Masked fighter: The ones who disrupted the peace of Tokorozawa first was Higashimurayama! We won’t give you Tokorozawa!
Text: Region vs Region
Text: A battle begins!!
Woman: I’ll clean out you obstacles!
Narrator: People call these people “Mosa”
Narrator: And they call THESE people “Mobs!” (a reference to “mob character,” or characters in the background)
Text: Main character
Text: Main character = Mob = Normal girl
Narrator: It’s been ten years since the great war of Tokyo. The prefectures of the same country once again were reorganized and separated, and each prefecture becomes independent. While strengthening their identity, they made incredible inward development.
Nozomi: My name’s Nozomi Moritomo. This girl is Yukina.
Yukina: I’m Yukina Kosaka.
Ai: I’m Ai Hibiki. The “ai” in “Hibikiai!” (lit. resonance)
Chiaya: Chiaya.
Text: They travel from each feuding country.
Masked fighter: Green tea punch!
Text: For the sake of the world. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of peace.
Nozomi: Really!? You’ll go with me!?
Yukina: Yes. I had intended to go on a journey anyway.
Text: Four girls (mobs) stand up!
Nozomi: Ok then, let’s go!
Narrator: A shield of justice called the vigilante corps that was once a blade against isolation in the world will once again become a double-edged blade, and unsheathe itself in your town!
All: Rolling Girls! We’re in your hands!

It’s been 10 years since the “Tokyo Great Decisive Battle.” A Japan where all the prefectures have become independent countries. A not-so-ordinary story about ordinary girls, according to ordinary girls. Ordinary will save the Earth!?
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