Sword Art Online – 6. Promo Video

Auf der offiziellen Website von Sword Art Online wurde nun ein sechstes Promo Video für das Sequel, Sword Art Online II, veröffentlicht. In dem Promo Video erfährt man nun mehr über die neue Hauptcharakterin Sinon.


Sinon: I’ve started getting panic attacks just by seeing photos or video of guns. The stronger Sinon gets, the stronger I can become in reality, too… That’s what I believed as I continued to fight with Hecate II.
Kirito: I can’t believe that someone from the virtual world can bring death to someone in reality.
Sinon: This kind of pain… Yes… Compared to that time…
Kirito: I wonder if it’s really possible… That that girl is Death Gun…
Sinon: If I defeat all enemies, and confirm that I am the strongest… At that time, surely…
Kirito: If we cross swords… No… If we cross bullets, I’m sure I’ll understand something.
Sinon: Show me you can die at gunpoint, even in just a game!!
Sinon: Sword Art Online II: Activated.
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