Tsukimonogatari – Promo Video

Aniplex hat am Mittwoch angefangen, ein Promo-Video für Tsukimonogatari zu streamen. Es handelt sich hierbei um die Anime Adaption der “Final Season” von NisiOisins Monogatari Light Novel-Serie.


Koyomi: Yotsugi Ononoki is a doll, and if you were to put it another way, she is not a human. She has the appearance of a cute little girl, but she is not a person, not a living being, and not common. With her eccentric speech patterns, she entertains those around her. She is an emotionless child, but her true nature is that of an abnormality, a demon, a monster, and a variety of evil spirits from rivers and mountains. Above all that, she can’t help but be in conflict with human society.
Shinobu: No? In fact, this is not the truth, sir. In the case of “her,” anyway.
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