Tales of Berseria – Promo Video

Für Tales of Berseria wurde von Bandai Namco Entertainment ein erstes Promo Video veröffentlicht. Dieses Video wurde auch auf dem Tales of Festival 2015 gezeigt, wurde aber jetzt erstmals Online veröffentlicht.

Text: The Tales of series‘ latest title launches
Voice: Your name?
Velvet: Velvet.
Text: Next Tales of is… „B“
Text: Production: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Text: Development: Bandai Namco Studio
Velvet: I won’t give up. I’ll bite them as many times as it takes.
Text: Animation Production: ufotable
Text: Character Design: Mutsumi Inomata
Velvet: What lies on the road ahead…
Text: Tales of Berseria


Velvet’s life took a complete turn after a certain incident that woke her up three years ago. She is an entity that greatly shocks the world.

The game’s stage is the sacred kingdom of Midgand, which consists of several continents and countless archipelagoes. In the game’s world, the inhabitants work to advance shipbuilding and sailing technologies. Because of the vast land, the climate varies greatly between the northern and southern areas of the kingdom, ranging from severe winters to everlasting summers.
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