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Demon City Shinjuku [Eng-Jap-Dub][Eng-Jap-Sub][480p][DVDRip] - A-FanRips


H͓̽u͓̽g͓̽o͓̽ ͓̽&͓̽ ͓̽A͓̽z͓̽u͓̽r͓̽a͓̽
Otaku Gott
25 März 2020
Demon City Shinjuku
Makai Toshi Shinjuku
Hell City Shinjuku


Kyoya's father was a great warrior, killed at the hands of the diabolical psychic, Rebi Ra, who has now opened a portal to hell in the city of Shinjuku. It falls to Kyoya to finish what his father started and battle his way through demons, while protecting a young woman from harm. The only problem is that he's not exactly your classic hero type, and his powers are still latent.

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Language: English, Japanese
Subs: English, Japanese
Group: A-FanRips
Hoster: ddownload, Rapidgator

File Info:
Format: Matroska
Dateigröße: 2,30 GiB
Dauer: 1h 19min
Gesamte Bitrate: 4 160 Kbps

Format: AVC
Format-Profil: High@ L4.1
Dauer: 1h 19min
Bitrate: 3 204 Kbps
Breite: 720 Pixel
Höhe: 480 Pixel
Modus der Bildwiederholungsrate: konstant
Bildwiederholungsrate: 23,976 FPS

Audio #1
Format: DTS
Format_Settings_Mode: 16
Dauer: 1h 19min
Bitrate: 755 Kbps
Kanäle: 6 Kanäle
Sprache: Japanisch

Audio #2
Format: AC-3
Dauer: 1h 19min
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Kanäle: 2 Kanäle
Sprache: Englisch

Text #1 Full Sub
Format: ASS
Sprache: Englisch

Text #2 Full Sub
Format: VobSub
Sprache: Japanisch

Status: ddownload

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