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warum Sie Beck sehen sollten


Otaku Amateur
26 Jan. 2023
Hallo! Letzte Woche war ich sehr beschäftigt, weil ich mit winter camp helfen musste. Aber ich komme zurück und will mehr posten.
Heute will ich Beck vorstellen. Ich sag ein paar Gründe zu Serien sehen.

Why You Should Watch Beck!

I watched "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad" in high school. To this day, it remains my favorite music anime.

A Realistic Journey of — Boy Discovers Music, Boy Forms a Band.
First of all, the plot of the anime is fairly simple — a group of people decide to form a band. The story itself is nothing new. However, the anime captures the process of a young boy discovering a love for music. Picking up a guitar, learning to play a song, and finding a reasons to start making music. The show is very realistic that he doesn't become phenomenal right away. Instead, the constant practice is what resonates with most people's memories of playing guitar for the first time.

The Love For Rock Music
The core reason why Beck gives me so much joy is the show's love for rock music. This one is hard to explain, but with the slower moving plot, there is so much more room to "feel". And Beck creates an atmosphere with soundtrack and story that caters to all music lovers. Differing from other music anime that I've seen (e.g. K-On!, Fukumenkei Noise), that maybe focus of more slice-of-life and drama, Beck is truly about its music.
(P.s. I couldn't really get through K-On! but Fukumenkei Noise is pretty good as a plot driven show.)

Art Style: Grungy, Gritty, 90s Vibe
Because Beck isn't really plot driven, besides the characters, I find myself looking at art style, color choices, and scenery. Although this anime is a little dated, I think the artistic choices are still stunning. Especially, the grayish color grade that reflects a nitty gritty underground music scene.


If you are still not convinced, here is the opening and a review video.

Vielen Dank für lesen!